A Day in the Life - Thursday

A small list today:

  • Interview stuff: Sat in on a candidate presentation and convened the librarian panel interview
  • Prepared for tomorrow morning's presentation (but not nearly as much as I needed to).  To prepare, I played around in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Review and Micromedex.  I figured out the library's new website, which is being unleashed in a few days.  I'll be working from home tonight. 
  • Answered a reference question from a faculty member in Dentistry.  She wanted to know if a graduate from the program in the 1960s appeared in the School's yearbook.  He did.
  • As I was leaving, a staff member mentioned that she had received several questions about the new PubMed during the day, and asked what she should tell people.  I told her what I know.
  • And - David Ortiz.    

via NYT (Adam Hunger/Reuters)


A Day in the Life - Wednesday

  • Pharmacy faculty forwarded me a message from Natural Standard about PDA downloads for affiliates.  Apparently students are contacting the rep individually to get access to the PDA features.  He suggests the library set up some sort of landing page to automate the requests.  I liaise with the College, but I don't handle these technical matters, so I (eagerly) forwarded it on to the Collections Coordinator.  It'll happen b/c it's important. 
  • Confirmed details with the other 3 librarians about tomorrow's candidate interview.
  • Set up a Zotero presentation for Pharmacy residents.  It'll happen in mid-August.
  • Spent a bit of time looking over a dentistry student's thesis search.  He's doing a bibliometric study on a main branch of dentistry.  Obviously the project is heavy search-wise, so I've been asked to join the thesis committee.
  • Pigged out at a Retirement party!  They had this champagne-like sparkling apple juice (minus Mr. Al Cohol), which was amusing, and a giant spread of junk food (e.g., 3 cakes, pizza, chips, homemade delicacies, etc.).
  • Worked on slides for Friday's Pharmacy presentation.  Barely.  Tomorrow's going to consist of a lot of slide making.   
  • Attended an Instructor College (I think that's the site) committee meeting.  The committee has been around for awhile, but it has just been restructured.  At the meeting, we just tried to get a lay of the land.
  • Due to the above-mentioned retirement, I was asked to temporarily take liaisonship of the Department of Surgery.  Mainly for orientations and that sort of thing.  No problem here. 
  • And - Cliff Lee was traded.  Which likely means Halladay will be a Jay until the off-season.

    The Phillies gave up (it seems) very little for Lee, so if they really wanted they could still get Roy 'The Good Doctor' Halladay. Not that I can see it happening, but it'd be pretty crazy if it did. (via aturkus)


A Day in the Life - Tuesday

  • Received in the mail a new pencil holder.  I spent the first few minutes of my day moving pencils - and other writing devices - from one holder (old) to another (new).  
  • Emailed liaison departments about a series of clinical and research databases the library recently picked up.  Databases include: DOSS, EMBASE, SCOPUS, JAMAevidence, Dynamed, Pediatric Care Online, and Proquest Nursing & Allied Health Source.  In the coming weeks, I'll need to (re-)familiarize myself with most of these, and then incorporate them in to my teaching.
  • Met briefly with a colleague to discuss the Pharmacy presentation we're giving on Friday.
  • Met with 2 colleagues about a Dental Hygiene presentation coming up in a couple weeks.  The audience will be distance learners who are required to be on-campus for a series of orientations.  We're going to introduce them to PubMed and some advanced Google / Google Scholar search features.  I delegated.
  • Added the new resources to my Dentistry subject guide, and emailed dental faculty about new print dental books that have recently been added to the HSL's collection.
  • Worked on the library's section of Dentistry's new drupal site.  It's not in primetime yet, but will be soon.  As I did this, I discovered I can't access the CD drive on my work computer.
  • Wrote a blog post about the new resources on the dentistry blog - a blog I've promised myself to revitalize. 
  • Sherlock Holmesed the Radiology resource STATdx.  A colleague from another institution asked - more or less - what I knew of it.  "Not much", I more or less said.  So, I'll need to take a look at it and gauge need/interest from the department. 
  • My day ended with an hour long reference question.  I don't work the desk anymore, but we have a kind of triage system in place.  Staff handle the majority of questions, but if someone comes in with a research question, they forward it on to the appropriate liaison.  This particular person came in hoping to find literature on dental implants.  As the dentistry liaison, I was summoned.  And that's that.

A Day in the Life - Monday

Why not participate?  It'll give me something to write about.

  • Prepared for a 1.5 hour Pharmacy presentation that's coming up on Friday.  Part of it will be promotion of clinical resources they (the students) will need to use in clinic.  The other part will be an active learning bit on EBM.  In any case, I'm prepping for that.
  • Spent a lot of time exploring an EBM simulation tool the Dental school is developing.  Will provide the faculty w/ feedback. 
  • Finalized questions for upcoming liaison librarian interviews.  I'll be convening the librarian panel.
  • Helped a dental hygiene student figure out our shelving system.  Successfully to, I think.  
  • Worked on a search for a Dental Grad student. Search related to children's perception and attitudes of the dentist office and dental procedures.  
  • Thought about buying books, but didn't. Although I do select books, it's way down the priority list.  I get around to it once every 2-3 months.  The collection focus is elsewhere.  
  • And, of course, caught up on weekend email, answered student and faculty questions, and helped other 'brarians with 'stuff'.  

Keeping Current

Yesterday I gave a 'Keeping Current with the Literature' presentation to a group of Dental Residents.  I didn't have intertube access, so the slides were (and are) comprised almost entirely of screenshots - in other words, they were (and are), for the most part, contextless.  The presentation itself was, I must say, elocutionarily tremendous. For reals. No lies.

We spent a lot of time discussing RSS, primarily in relation to saved search and table of contents alerts, but we also delved into Google Alerts, Twitter, iGoogle, CDSR (Ovid-style), and some other stuff.