On the future of music...

...from Gert Jonke's Homage to Czerny:


...Not only are musical instruments bothersome crutches that have to be thrown away, but audible notes and tones also do nothing but interfere with the pure experience of music, distorting it beyond recognition!  Listen, said Schleifer to Pfeifer, hammering out a few loud chords on the keyboard, these unnecessarily jarring noises, these sounds, these so-called notes and melodies that we hear while listening to music, these don't have anything to do with the actual intent of music, and it's wrong to assume that the note, that notes themselves make up music - rather, these sounds that become audible when music is played are only an offensive acoustic excretory product that results from the performance of the content of music and in the process falsifies and destroys it! In future, Schleifer explained, all that matters will be that music can be experienced without the disruptive additional noise of these so-called notes and tones. (61)


PubMed Advanced Search

Not sure why this video was picked up by MedGadget nearly 6 months after it was created, but it's an effective overview of PubMed's Advanced Search.



New PubMed Interface

Tomorrow I am going to be listening in to a brief NLM webcast on the new PubMed interface.  Why?  Because PubMed is important.  And changes to Importance tend to freak people out.  And I need to know what's going on so I can prepare folks for the impending changes.  Changes that are no doubt for the better. 

I've heard many rumours, including the loss of tabs and single citation matcher, but beyond that I'm not sure what to expect.  Perhaps something like this:


A Day in the Life - Friday

Half day.  All AM, no PM.

  • Presented an EBM session to 70+ Pharmacy students.  Covered a number of resources, with a focus on supporting evidence and critical appraisal. 
  • After the presentation, I went out to lunch with my co-presenter.
  • Received a call from a faculty member in Pharmacy about a research project she's working on.  I told her I'd look into it and get back to her next week.
  • Over the weekend I need to prepare for a Monday consultation. 
  • And - Trade Deadline stuff.

A Day in the Life - Thursday

A small list today:

  • Interview stuff: Sat in on a candidate presentation and convened the librarian panel interview
  • Prepared for tomorrow morning's presentation (but not nearly as much as I needed to).  To prepare, I played around in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Review and Micromedex.  I figured out the library's new website, which is being unleashed in a few days.  I'll be working from home tonight. 
  • Answered a reference question from a faculty member in Dentistry.  She wanted to know if a graduate from the program in the 1960s appeared in the School's yearbook.  He did.
  • As I was leaving, a staff member mentioned that she had received several questions about the new PubMed during the day, and asked what she should tell people.  I told her what I know.
  • And - David Ortiz.    

via NYT (Adam Hunger/Reuters)